Wanting to make a jeoperdy gimkit, any ideas

Any suggestions welcome
How is everyone reading this already?!

Here’s in incomplete design:

Have the host choose questions.

oohh good idea, also I just started this topic one minute ago what the heck?! That was a fast response

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So like the host is in a box at the to and there are button with different money amounts and the questions pops up in that person’s screen and if they get it right, the host gives that person that amount of money but if you get it wrong, the host takes that amount of money away.

Make a board with invisable questions, and when host steps on trigger it appears, then when questions answered correctly a visable counter shows.


And maybe if everyone is in the same room or on maybe a voice call, have an option where the host can say the question and manually approve the answers.

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Thats how we do it around here. Very fast and most of the time reliable.


The helpers here are very dedicated :slight_smile:
I would suggest that you add a daily double, it could make the game interesting.


Were u talking about the devices or gameplay?



Both, I’m working on the design of the jeoperdy room rn


Well what do you need help on with the design, thats what Im good at and known for.


He is.


You could use a counter to keep the scores.

A property would be much better because the questions have different weights.

oohhh good idea!!!

It would work if all the questions give the same amount of money.

Thats what i said. I guess they did not get it.

use a questioner for different questions and make one question kits

Add a minigame or easter eggs!