Wanna make a tycoon game

I want there to be a conveyer belt the caries items to the end area then a counter goes up when it reaches the end and when you click the button the counter goes to zero and the number on the counter turns to cash in your inventory

are you asking for help on how to make it or…

Im confused what you mean

Are you using platform or the other one

So make a barrier the color black and have a prop and triggers so it activates and deactivates in different locations to look like it’s moving. Then Repeater and repeat like every one second, and you can upgrade by making more repeaters that when you press a button to upgrade it deactivates one repeater and activates another. when the repeater goes it makes the counter go up. When you press button, I think you can make the item granter so block the counter updates property and the item granter goes into blocks and gives property amount of item, if there is not a block option for item granter make a repeater that repeats property times and if there are no blocks for repeater I’m losing it.

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