Wall terrain max

Why? Is it that there is a limit to how many walls you can place? I will show!

Sadly there is! But you can try to use props or the barrier device!

But that looks ugly!

Well, Mabye somthing else you could do is downsize your map mabye? I’m probobly wrong due to idk what your making, but mabye? Or somthing else you could do it what Coral said.

I am making a gimkit survival mode map!

With: 4 levels +boss fight

oh, I didnt know, sorry. But what you could do then is make each level get bigger and harder? So like first level, easy as heck and fourth basicaly loosing braincells hard?

I could only place 2500 walls.

If that winds up being the case, here are som solutions for that:

  1. You could try to do what @L.Bthenightmareclown said. You could make the levels get harder and harder and make the areas get bigger. Such as the first level is like small, and as the levels get harder, they get bigger. And this basicaly gose on till the hardest level is the biggest.

  2. Like @Coral said, you could use props. Know, I know you called them ugly, but theres many so if like you wanted one to be a certain one, im pretty sure you’ll be able to find one for said idea for the level.

  3. There may be other people who have asked the same thing, so mabye you could look at other articals/posts. You can also look up how to resolve this issue on platforms like youtube and google.

                                  Hope one of these tips help!

You can make the walls just one block thick and use floors after that.

You can use floors for the walls and put invisible barriers over them.

You can also just use the barrier device but make it invisible

what I find interesting is how you surpassed the wall limit by 226 walls

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it happens when you quickly place them


well this is going to be easily exploited


You can use invisible barriers

Make the walls 1 wide and use floors for the ones that aren’t the walls. Also, you can use barriers if you need even more. If you need even more, make an emoji.

You can make floor terrain, and put an invisible barrier over it

Does it work?

Putting an invisible barrier over floor? Yes, it does work.

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