Wall Glitch with blastballs

Now, I am not having a problem with this but I just want to show the forums this:

(oh, yeah, there was a server lifetime warning too)
A way to glitch the balls into the walls. Now I was wondering, is it possible that players have colision with the balls too? And if so, How do we launch ourselfs through walls? (I have wanted to try to push the limits of gimkit to the extreme)
PLEASE comment anything (an i mean anything) that could be remoutely useful in my endevor to glitch through walls.
Also, i know why this is happening, don’t comment on trying to teach me why this happed

Should I move this to bugs?

Or should i take off the clay institute tag?
or both?

Yes, but I already moved it

How did you change the color of the ball.


It was in the settings of the ball

Also I have made a bug topic and the solution (I think)
Works for this

(This has happened to me)

Ohhhhhhh thank you @Epi320

Yeah, I know that, but I am trying to manipulate it, not find a solution (Because really. who has a game with 12 blastballs cramped int a corner with max bounce and friction stats?)

I don’t think this would be of any use

Yeah, in real worldbuilding no, but I REALLLLYYYY want to glitch through walls, I am experimenting now, and i have tried to make it so that we can use this for art purposes

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hmm…ill look into this it seems interesting.

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I think this was talked about in the Quantum Mechanics post. Let me try to find it.

I don’t think we will be able to launch Gims into walls like Blastballs do. This is my hypothesis because Gims have different hitboxes than Blastballs do to stop or move around. They come in contact with walls, barriers, other Blastballs, and shots from gadgets. On the other hand, Gims only hit walls and barriers (I mean, teleporters kind of go with this). Plus, the things that Gims come in contact with (other than teleporters) stop the Gim, not move.

Yeah, but I was think more of teleporting into walls, then lag our way out, bcause in tag domintion, my friend laged his way out of the lobby

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OK, so after futher reasurch (basically fiddling with the game) I found that the ball really doesn’t want to go into barriers, like,it REALLY DOESNT.
It will go into walls, but NO barriers.
I wonder…

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oops…i forgot to look into it lol. Thanks epi for reminding me…5 seconds later has forgotten…

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So guys, this just came to me.
When it go through walls, that means it is faster then the “hit wall → bounce” response time… does that means blastballs are accually higher priority then the wals? if so, how do we use this? oh also BUMP