Walking through vending machines

I can’t insert a screen recording here, but I’ll describe the issue the best I can.
Basically, there’s a vending machine with custom colours and funding. When I collide with the machine, I just “glide” through it.

you can convert the recording to a GIF. Also does the vending machine have collision enabled?

It should be, I didn’t change the setting.
How do I convert to GIF?

look up a website that converts it
I use: Video to animated GIF converter

do you glide through it in editor mode? if so your collision might be off.

I clicked on the link, and this is what I saw:
Screenshot 2024-02-04 8.54.32 PM
No, I clicked start game. However, I was using my alt account, which was the account that I made the map on.

oh my district doesn’t block that. do you have both accounts on it?

No, it’s only my alt. I found one that’s not blocked, converting right now.

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Screen recording 2024-02-04 8.09.24 PM

Hmmmmmm can i enter the game? i will probably be able to help


k now edit that comment so others don’t enter

i can’t enter it

doesn’t seem to be glitching…

The glitched vending machines are gone. huh.

it was probably lag, also you might want to fix you teleporters

see ya

Hey @2bHNST and @Splatter
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sorry, it’s not there anymore