Walking through props that have player collision turned on in game

Does anyone know what this is? I was walking throughout my map which is outlined in fences, but then I just walked through one. After this i went to a corner to test this out and i started walking into the fences there and i just glitched through. I was playing.

Were you in editing mode, or playing mode?


if you had been in editing mode you may had turned off collisions in settings.

Some props only have a hitbox on certain parts of the sprite.


I was in playing mode trying 2 test something out, and btw, do i get a certain amount of posts?

In the first 24 hours of your account’s creation you get 10 replies I believe. You get unlimited replies after that.

it’s been 24hrs, so you mean i get unlimited?

Yep, you have unlimited replies now.


Um… you cant use semicolons or anything like that, btw. Only words.

no its bc i added a space