Wait I think I am too late for gimkit awards fan-art but here it is

Guys like it if you want help me get onto the main thing, I missed it

  • how is this gimkit awards related
  • why am i king gimerick
  • this should go in Art

1.Why did you post this in the help section
2.If you know your late why did you post
3.Doesn’t art have to be technically hand-drawn for fan-artist?

yeah you’re wayyyyyyy late… in fact, the finals vote is literally ending

  1. GKC Fan Artist has to be drawn.
  2. Move it into Art and maybe it’ll be fine.
  3. GIMKIT Awards already ended until next year.
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This isn’t art this is just labeling gim’s into people on the wix.


I mean like what does this have to do with the gimkit awards?

  1. This is off-topic and should be posted on the Gimkit Awards Final Vote post, not here.
  2. it’s in a Help tag, and it should be in Art.

Please mark a solution to this post @Student

idk why i noticed this topic but this whole thing is avoidable

  1. you could have researched more on the fan art
  2. I literally told you on the wixsite that this isn’t art it’s arranging pictures
  3. wolftech saying that it should be posted in Gimkit Awards is ingnorant considering only mods, blackhole, and unstable can post in that

and this is my annoying forums post for the day.