Wait For a Bit Before Spawning Again.”

I’m designing a game where people have to defend an object while trying to get to the other team’s object. I tested it out with someone else, and I found out that they respawned too quickly. Once I knocked them out and went into their base, they would immediately respawn and charge out again to knock me out. Is there a way to make players have to wait some time before respawning?

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I don’t really think so but wouldn’t this go in (Help) Not the trash bin of off topic stuff called devices

Well you could make it so when the player gets Ko’ed they get teleported into a “Respawn” room and have it teleport the player back to their spawn after a certain amount of time. (You could do this using another teleporter or respawn device)

The steps

Get a lifecycle (player knocked out) wire it to a teleporter (In the “KO” room): Event occurs > teleport player here, wire the lifecycle to a trigger (with the amount of time that you want to player to stay in the room in seconds in the trigger delay setting) Event occurs trigger, then wire the trigger to either a teleporter or a respawn device (I recommend respawn) Triggered > respawn.

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you can teleport them to a room with no way out, get a wire repeater with a timed delay, then respawn them.

And there is the way
When a player is knocked out on the lifecycle device trigger trigger that has like 0.5 seconds and then respawns them with the respawner device make it last longer

Respawning from the respawn device shouldn’t count as a knocked out trigger on the life cycle

anyway I don’t see how 0.5 seconds helps…

cant you just be simple and use barriers that are delayed after a triggered ko?

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yeah. there are a bunch of ways to do this.

yeah but that takes little devices and memory.

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Thanks for all the ways. I think I’ll try to use the life-cycle method. Do you think switching the knocked-out player to team 60 would work? Then when they respawn they would be teleported to the spawner of team 60 and I could just put it in a waiting room. But then I would have to figure out how to switch the players back to their original teams again…

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wire repeater then 2nd team switcher to switch back to defending the object. yes that would work.

Yea I just realized that

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Should I make it so the player will have to run to the right for 5 seconds until they can reach the team switcher?

I don’t think that’s a mechanic people will like honestly.
Unless they need energy by answering questions and this makes them lose energy…

There’s no energy in my game, so yeah.

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Hmm. The thing with teleporting is that once the player is teleported there, they will respawn at their home spawner again.