Voting system problem

im making a voting system for my game but ive ran into an issue.

essentially i have a button that when pressed transmits on a channel that deactivates the button so you cant vote again and also raises the number on a counter every time its pressed. theres also a trigger with block code that goes through when its triggered (that happens when the button from earlier is pressed.)

the goal is to make a property amount go up 1 every time the button is pressed but it isnt working. the counter is going up and you can see in the game the trigger is triggered correctly and on time so im assuming its an issue with the block code. if anybody can help thatd be great!!

block code

do you need a way for people to only vote once?

give me a sec

no i already have that. thr problem is that the button isnt updating the property.

Use the button to increment a counter that updates a property.

common mistake add a “get property” block before the circled block


Correct. Practical explanation: without a get property block, the game just treats it like the text block and not a property.

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im doing that, the issue is in the block code

and like @th3_ca1tsune there is a much simpler way to do this
link the button to a counter to increment it and then turn on update property
you do not need block code

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oh okay, my bad then.

thank you to all of you anyways, and ill keep the getproperty thing in mind for next time.


You’re ok. This is what the forums are for. :slight_smile:

“get property” doesn’t make much sense considering it’s meaning

It is specifying that the block after it is property and not just a regular “ “ block.

a lot of users don’t get it and that’s honestly fair
gimkit needs more tutorials on how things work

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