Vote on a game-mode!

The idea is that I have a few ideas of game modes. I give you three options and you vote on the best one! I will make the one with the most votes!

  • Township-A fun game mode where players work to keep a small town running and get the most money.
  • The Lands of Roboton-A solo RPG where plants have invaded the robot village of Roboton. They summoned you through crystals so you could save them!
  • Apocalypse-A zombie breakout in a small town where players have to run from the people who are it. Pretty much a tagging version of snowy survival!
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I’m voting on 1 because I’m tired of fighting in this game because it’s repetitive of the same enemies with different health, something like that just sounds more fun, I hope it wins!

Bumper Bumpy!!! Bump bump bumpppper!

Township, I just like games like these.

Second bump, plz read this!

I voted township, it sounds pretty interesting!

Nice! Thanks for ur support guys!

There is an app on App Store and Google Play called “Township”. I used to play it a lot, now i barely even play it. Just sayin’.

If you’ve already voted, please tell friends!

doesn’t tell any friends irl because i don’t have any


Not trying to be rude or anything, but if you bump a post, it sends it to the top of the forums. Bumping it again will just cause unessecary clutter.

What’s bump? Is it like when you move your post to the top?


Yeah, so more people will see it!

How do you bump a post?

Just send a message I think? :confused:

Oh, ok. But as @Haiasi said, it’ll cause unnecessary clutter.

I like how literally everyone voted Township.


i think all these ideas just repeat something gimkit has already made.
1=farming game mode with cooperative teams
2=one way out
3=snowy survival
Without good detail and lore these games that you make wont be to new, BUT if you do these would be really fun to play.

SO i vote for number two because i would like to see how detailed this futuristic town over taken with plants could look like

Bro! You just messed up the township only, now I’m sad :frowning:

sorry but i’ve always been competitive and have liked futuristic robots and tech