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Helloo. :grinning: I am making a Flee The Facility type game. (I know they already exist but mine will be better. :slight_smile: I hope ) I was testing out some already existing gkc Flee the Facility games and thought of something!

Should the Beast have a tag ability or a gadget?
  • Tagging Ability
  • Gadget (something slow like quantum portal)
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in my opinion the gadget can allow the beast to hit players from a long way away if they get good at it so using a tag instead might be more useful but if you want to use the gadget then you do you

How 'bout both?

Back in May, I made a mini battle royale in an arcade, where you could choose to take a device and lose speed, or leave the device and gain speed.

It sounds balanced, until you realize that one hit from the already fast tagger wins the fight instantly, while the shooter has to land several hits before he wins.

I would go with the tagging ability.

Thank you all for your votes. :grinning: The final decision iss Tagging! :confetti_ball: Also, thank you to @samalomlom and @ClicClac for the good points as to why tagging would be more fair.

Both would be cool but extremely overpowered.

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