Voice lines for the main story npc?

so what I need is intro voice lines to when you first meet the main story npc that’s starts the main quest line ik how to make it move on from quest to quest just having trouble getting voice lines that match the gims “personality” the kinda voice lines I’m looking for in this npc is

  1. a gruff sounding tone in text (its possible somehow without noise)
  2. wise village elder personality
  3. hard of hearing (example “eh? who’s there?”)
  4. bl1nd (meaning he acts bl1nd in his voice lines)

side note: yes ik I’m using the wrong word but I prefer “voice lines” over “text lines” cuz why not


Use a pop up that’s active when game starts. It could say

Character name:
(Gruff tone) “Hello? Eh, who’s there?” (Coughs)

Btw the pop up is a banner

You can also use wires/channels to make it so that when you close a popup another appears. Or use call to action buttons. That way you dont have a paragraph in one pop up and can add some more personality to the character, as well as some free will for the player.

Yes that could work as well

(originally was going to comment on you censoring it, sorry for the weird quote!)

Tone can be indicated by choice in words, and honestly that usually works best when compared to just saying (gruff) or something. It also allows for more imagination to be used when reading text. This same thing applies to all the other parts, really. Word choice is key.

I’d generally suggest looking up a list of tone words for specific tones (wise, gruff), but honestly, you can just go wild with the other two.

(Might have missed the point a bit but I don’t care)

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i wish u could put custom audio in but that will never happen

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