Vertical height device

(Yes this is about GKC, I’m wondering what it could do in GKC) In don’t look down, one of the game overlays shows height. What could that device be, if the whole system is mystery device → property and the game overlay shows the property?

I think those are the zones that are vertical, might be wrong though
(kinda like coordinate systems changing the text of an overlay)


You could use triggers and counters (or properties) and it could show max height.

Ok, so acually, there are multipull devices, gravity device, jumping, and cyote junmping. Josh said the mode its self is a device, so he will make a way to select which style mode you want to do, normal 2D or Gravity 2D.

You could also try using Kyro’s jumping mechanic. It may help.

I’m guessing that 2D will be added in the next 5 updates or so.


We don’t really know yet till they get released.
I’ll assume they are brown or gray and look similar to the knockout manager.
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Wolf, what’s cyote jumping?

Coyote jumping is where if you fell a few frames off of a platform and jumped, it would count as your first jump (not the second/double jump).

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cyote jumping, is double jump, thats what josh called it, so thats what it is known as.