Vending Machines

I am not completely sure if this is what brought on the bug, but this is what happened. So I made a vending machine so that when you purchased from it using a golden key, it would give you a golden key back. However, it took the golden key and didn’t give it back, and I was unable to collect golden keys from that point forth. If someone else can verify or disclaim this, that would be nice.

Does it give your golden key back via an item granter? Maybe you can use a checker as an alternative if the vending machine doesn’t work.

The vending machine is supposed to grant it back directly. However, once I purchase from the vending machine, it takes the key, doesn’t give back the key, and when I pick up golden keys after, they don’t show in my inventory.

Maybe you could try instead making it invisible using all options, add a button and connect button to vending machine Button pressed < Attempt to purchase
I use this in my one way out type game



This is so old and most likely fixed. I am just going to clode this.