Vending Machine not working

For a fishing minigame for my lifesteal map i used vending machines but in-game when i go up to them (there invisible!) the ui doesn’t pop up. plz help

did you set it so they can be seen in game?

heres what i mean:

Outside of the game

In game

oh and i have 82% memory

Try changing the “can be seen in-game” setting

but then you’ll see them!

most likely you made the vending machines invisible, try making them visible ingame

Oh, i think i missread. you cant buy things from the vending machine when its not visible in game. Try using invisible buttons wired to said vending machines!

oh because if i made them visible this would happen:

and i dont want that

maybe i could get rid of everything and try to use a different guide.

fair point. if you want them invisible but you are still able to buy from them, wire a button to the vending machine.
button pressed → attempt to buy item

then one bait=2 fish gtg

Use buttons instead. They are also cheaper

i used them before

im using a different guide

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