Vending machine is gone

It is gone

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probably didn’t load properly. just a bug though. I’ve encountered it before. I just wait for it to load, or reload or close tab out.

:sparkles: refresh :sparkles:


Yeah, it seems you also lost the ability to add and remove.

Happened to me, just reload, place a new one down or delete it…

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(Might not want to show everyone your tabs?)

yeah but i have enough to where they can’t see the full name

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True. @Zer0 did u find ur solution?

This happens to me when I use multi-select to copy multiple vending machines

Probably a server issue so my suggestion is to:

:sparkles: :sparkles: refresh :sparkles: :sparkles:

Yeah, I have a feeling that has already been said and I think they have already refreshed in 23h.


Idk… it seems they are still having problems implied by the lack of a solution.

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