Vending machine display bug

It’s the med pack one

here’s a closer picture

Wait What the

this vending machine is broken :rofl:

since when is red black has a colorblind option been added to only the vending machine

Bro this needs to be fixed

the uh… i… don’t… honestly kind of funny… yeah…


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I wish you could just DO that

On topic I don’t like it like that

Try adjusting the colors enough until you get the right color.

Are you sure you don’t have a texture pack or anything on?
Try hosting this map again to make sure it isn’t happening again.
If it’s repeatedly happening I suggest emailing

wait I didn’t know you could change the colors. also thats so cool.

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There’s no texture pack this isn’t a joke and I mean that and yes its still happening and I’ll email gimkit

But It’s been on the very end of it

but if it’s not on the very edge It’s normal

Yea so Not in a pinging way Gimkit still hasn’t responded I just hope it’s fixed soon

lol bro that funnnyyy

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It’s still a bug though could someone email gimkit for me??