Vandalism prevention questions

Um who should i let playtest and edit my map because anytime i let anyone playtest with editing permissions on they vandal it meaning i can’t let anyone playtest it or edit it so annoying

Don’t give them permissions lol.
Just make the map yourself

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yeah i know well then i’m the only one who can work on it and sometimes i want people working on it while i’m not able to for example if I got sick but this didn’t work

there’s an option to send a playtest link, but I don’t think they can edit it. the playtest link only lasts 7 days, btw.

i can help ask @Artemis she or he’ll vouch for me i am very helpful

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ill playtest it if youd like, i promise you i wont vandalize it. i cant even do that if you dont give me perms


i didn’t mean right now i ment in past and future because sometimes i want people to edit other times i don’t

What i’m saying is like how do i give people editiing permissions without vandals because like sometimes i won’t work on it for weeks and need ohter people to take over for exaple the time i had some virus in januraruy and i came back to a vandaled map

also can’t put links here against rules

also @Georgeholmes1 Georgeholmes1i made you this


okay i have no PFP for reassons but okay also can’t put links here and don’t need it today i meant i would like it if people sotpped vandlizing people’s work


What do you need me to do? You summoned me. :grin:


oh wow didn’t think it would do any thing sorry for wasting your time umm false alarm

Nah, it’s all good. It’s really funny when I get summoned. lol.

Well, Idk. Sadly, some people just think it’s funny to vandalize.

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Wait…you don’t think it’s fun? :no_mouth:

Just Kidding… :shushing_face:

so then have those you trust on it, or allow them to add things, but not delete things, so you don’t need to fix, just erase their work. If needed.