Valentine day's factory

Hey, I need some design ideas for a Valentine day’s factory I am making. I want it to be kind of like the Willy Wonka factory. Thanks.

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Add a pool of chocolate hearts

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do you have any idea on how to make this?

Just rip off the entire movie but add giant heart /j

add pink floors please

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Need more ideas please. keep them coming

try using concrete or blastball court for the outline of the pool, then use these leaf piles tinted red for the hearts


Add a conveyer belt where it moves around valentines letters (doesn’t actually move of course but you can try if you want)

I’d suggest doing the conveyer belt kinda like this


You could add some fun easter eggs like a the fishtopia section in Snowbrawl

This is a pretty good idea

@UnityHavoc is this good?


You could add a fountain with chocolate with a heart on top. You could do a modern-ish theme, with black, white, red, and pink colours. Add pink carpets in the hallways, etc. If you need anything else, like a certain room idea, I’d be happy to help!

You need to block the code or you will get flagged.

Yeah! looks great so far!

@UnityHavoc here you go…

Yeah block the code, someone has already probably tried to hack you

how should I make a candy heart lake/stream waterfall

water fall pleasehgfhgvhg

try something like this maybe

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