Using Counters Please Help

I’m trying to make it so that in my game, you need it to have 3 showing on the counter, then press a button and if you made it three, you teleport somewhere, but if it’s another number you need to try again. How do I do this?

Set the target value to 3. Wire the teleporter to the counter
Counter Target value reached → Teleport player here
Hope this helps!

well, it sort of works, you see I want you to press a button when it’s on 3, then it teleports you if you press it while it’s on 3… I know it works because in some escape room maps, they do this.

first create a number property, then make the counter update a property like this(set it to yes)
and then make a trigger wired to the button, and in the trigger write some blocks like if property=3 broadcast message on channel (insert channel here) and make the teleporter teleport player here when recieving on channel (insert channel here). Hope this helps!

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Hmmm… You could use a property named ‘Three’.
Place down the property and in the counter settings, add the property to the ‘change property’ setting.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 8.00.53 AM

Place down a trigger and set it to invisible and no player trigger.
Wire the button to the trigger
Button pressed → Trigger
Go to blocks. Copy this code:
Screenshot 2024-05-16 8.00.19 AM

checkers are better than blocks for memory

so how would I use the checker for this? I need to save up all the memory I can for this map!

check value of property.
property “” = 3
if check passes broadcast on “”