Updating My Survival Game (DEVLOG)


Why this is in the Help category

I will try to add lots of polls and community participation every day.

So, I’ve finally decided to update my game. If you don’t know what “game” I’m talking about, here it is:

But, other things aside, this is going to be my devlog for the update I’m releasing. I like to call the update: The Island Update! I will be adding a new island, a cave and new materials/tools!

Progress Bar:


(This is based on how far I feel I am on this project.)

The Devlog

Day 1 ( January, 5, 2024, for me )

I added the building of a raft in the lake, and a beach for THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND.


The Boat:

The FORGOTTEN ISLAND shore (at night):

Day 2 ( January, 7, 2024, for me )

I added the Strange Village and the ability to get vines.


The Strange Village (at night):

Should there be enemies in The Cave? (Help for day 3)
  • Yes
  • No
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and also:

What kind of ore? (Help for day 3)
  • Realistic (coal, iron, etc.)
  • Whimsical (fermite, elcion, etc.)
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Day 3 ( January, 8, 2024, for me )

Today, I didn’t have much time to add stuff ( because of school. ) But I DID add two new areas: The Suspicious Rock and The Cave.


The Suspicious Rock:

The Cave:


Day 4 ( January, 10, 2024, for me ) I added some decor and sentries to the cave:


Sorry I haven’t been doing much lately. It’s cause’ of dang school… :angry:

Day 5 ( January, 11, 2024, for me )

I got to add the collection of coal, the smelting of stone, and (half of) the crafting of a slingshot before my allergies kicked up and I had to go to bed. (No Pictures :slightly_frowning_face:)

Day 6 ( January, 12, 2024, for me )

I added the crafting of a slingshot, and that’s it. Geez, I hope I finish this soon. My edit time is only a month.

What should stone tools do?
  • Make mining faster
  • Make new ores avaliable
  • Both
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Day 7 ( January, 20, 2024, for me )
I’ve been feeling very unmotivated lately, should I delete Gimcraft?
  • Yes
  • No
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Day 8 ( January, 27, 2024, for me )

Back at it again at Krispy Kre- I mean… Gimcraft… yeah!
I’m feeling motivated again! I added the crafting of stone tools, a new area with a gold key of no use yet, and a few other quality of life improvements like:

  • A “How to Play” popup at the start of the game
  • A (NOT WORKING) Day counter
  • A bit more deco all around.

No pictures again because I didn’t have the time. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Day 9 ( January, 28, 2024, for me )

Alrighty, I think I’m finished up. I added the mechanic where stone tools make collecting resources faster.

Look over what I’ve done, and please tell me:

Have I finished the update and should I release it?
  • I think you should.
  • No, you shouldn’t
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Extra things I'm happy I finished this project, and it couldn't have been done without the community support I've gotten for just being nice and helpful. I might stop updating the game and work on things like:
  • Remaking Gimcraft to be more memory efficient
  • Making a guide series thing on how I did gimcraft
  • Working on other games/guides

I will try to put most of this stuff on my padlet and maybe others. Thanks for supporting me!


Cool but this seems like a showcase


Okay, but I did this in my previous guide that was linked, and it didn’t get flagged at all.

Community Made Guides is not for Devlogs. Please do not post any more, or else you might get flagged!

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Okay, sorry… In the case where I would make another one, where would I put it?

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you could post it in the help section and ask other people to help I guess


I would put it in the Community Made Guides, but make it like “if you want to make the game with me, please follow all the photos and instructions!” It might need more work though


That sounds great! I think I will try to add lots of polls!


You could also keep it in Community Made Guides if you walked people through how to make everything


You can put it in Community Made Guides IF you help people to do something. For example, if you add a buy system, you can teach people how to make one themselves!


I guess, yeah… It just seems like a little more work than a few polls. Sorry if that sounds cheap…


No, it’s fine. You basically add pictures and explain how to make/do something, and your all set!

I think I’ll stick with the help category for now, @TheOUTFOXER because I just added 2 polls.

you may want to fix this

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Yeah, sorry. I sometimes forget to use the <details> HTML instead of the Discourse hide details.

Bump, Poll.

In my opinion, you should add actual questions, instead of just polls, but if you do not get flagged, I suppose it is fine.

What do you mean by actual questions?

Like, asking people “how to” questions

just because it didn’t get flagged doesn’t mean you should do it again