Updates for my map

I added powers and advetures or quest

That’s awesome! what do you need help with? If there is not help needed please switch the category.

do you need help by how to do it or are you just notifying us…? if your just notifying us please mark a solution or delete this post since its off-topic

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What can i add to my map

add side quests, add mazes, puzzles

I did that! Look above

Maybe add some intricate design!
You could also look at some art guides for inspiration!

Are you looking for locations on the map you’re making?

Also, always remember to add Sentries for fights, it makes every map fun!

I just need like updates to my map every week

Maybe do a hidden heal room, I did a hidden library for one of my maps

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make a dungeon! with guards and prisoners

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You could make a room, where you can learn like magic spells or get a wooden wand.

I did that,i made a base with that

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