Update Overlay Bug

I have a trigger clock going at 0.5 seconds. It broadcasts to a channel that updates a game overlay. In the overlay, it shows players, kills, and another property that goes down. The kills and the other property keep flashing between the real number and 0. Is this a bug?
PS the other to properties don’t flash, I checked it multiple times with the leaderboard.

What do you mean it updates a game overlay? Does the overlay have blocks saying ‘when receiving on channel x, set overlay to kills’? We need specifics.

Is it possible to send a video?

im loving all the bugs coming in lately


It probably uses block code to set the text to properties A,B, and C. If that’s so, the way the properties are updated is the problem most likely.

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Can you take a screenshot of the mechanic? It might be there.



Wait, are there 3 different game overlays or does the overlay update between 3 different properties?

I managed to get a system working for the latter, and didn’t see any bugs.

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3 different properties on one overlay

one property is a timer, one property is a kill amount, one property is players left