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Can you make RAW butter?

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You could use a darker shade of yellow, to simulate raw butter.

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Thanks, @DANIOOLA! You are very kind!

Its okay!

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Guys you gotta make the exotic butters
come on fnaf fans!!!

Do you know what I mean by raw butter?

honestly, no… Is it a type of butter?

It very radioactive and dangerous.

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googled it, no its not…?

Also a joke by whereismyhat.

who flagged it, what’s so wrong about it that it needs moderator attention.

I think it’s because it’s too short and it seems like another fruit guide, which got bitcrushed after the carrots guide.

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no offense, but when do we really need to use this?

also unavalible, check dod padlet

@unavailible, check dod padlet, i have news


Let’s not get off-topic here. This is not a chatroom. @DANIOOLA, I’m sorry this got flagged, but let’s not chat about poisonous butter. :slight_smile:

Mark a solution so this could close?

I did earlier I guess it did not work?

it did work

and next time, mark a solution that actually helps you (in this case, explains why it was flagged)

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