"Unknown Entity" Bug

I was copying down a trigger, when all of a sudden, this came:

I had no idea how this happened. Does anyone know what happened?

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No idea at all… also, you don’t need that many asterisks.

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It’s because they still won’t let me post

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What was on your map?

Triggers. Ez.

That’s it?

I placed almost 75% of the memory of triggers on a map, and they all worked.

Describe exactly what you did, please.

I was coping them really fast though, but it just said “Unknown Entity” when i was coping them.

hmmm… I was aiming for bulk, not speed.

Give me a second.

My results:

Do you see what’s missing?

2 triggers…

Bro all of the HUD buttons are gone.

Also I cant click anything.

I can still move, though.

@ClicClac What does HUD mean (I understood what you’re saying, but what does it stand for?)

Heads Up Display fjfytshehsgehsyder

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Yeah, I’m not sure how exactly that happened… usually it would be some sort of entity or item that has no pre-defined name and resorts to a backup (so that things without names could still be named and wouldn’t encounter errors), but I don’t see why that would be necessary in your case - perhaps it was an issue where you were copying devices too fast (to the point where your computer couldn’t keep up) and your computer/network wasn’t able to send information-related queries to the system in time. Hence the unknown entity title… again, I’m not sure why this would happen, but that’s my guess.

P.S. you can just use an empty space character (‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤ) to get around the character limit :p

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