[Unfinished Guide]

Here’s how to make a space themed combat game, which I call Clash Of Gims. When you create your new map, go in options, map options, then change the background terrain to space moving.

Then, this might sound weird, but do not place any spawn pads! make the lobby around the very middle of the map, so you don’t see the disturbing spawn pads before the game starts. If you already started building before reading this and placed spawn pads, then place a sentry over the spawn pad. Look at that disguise!

You can decorate your lobby however you want, just remember to place walls around it so players don’t escape.

Now, we place the spawn pads, you can put them wherever you want.

Make about 5 or 6 rooms, like this one.

Remember, if you don’t have enough room, then I recommend making small rooms that have zones which lead to teleporters. Look at the room with the beds (The bedroom lol). When you enter the zone…

The room is so much bigger!

Like in almost all game modes, Clash of Gims needs to have tunnels. Now, instead of making a boring dull entrance, you can place a barrier, and hide a button in the room, where you have to click the button
in order to open the barrier. Now, the tunnels are probably bigger than the map itself, so how about we go faster when in the tunnels only?
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 8.39.27 AM
When you enter the tunnels, the zone indicates it and sets your speed to 3.5! The normal speed is 2, so when you exit the tunnels, the zone sets your speed to 2, your normal speed. How is this done? attach the zones to the speed modifiers, one set to 3.5, and the other set to 2.

There are other ways to do this, but one way is to set the wires to the settings above.

This was the Echo Lab, so do the same thing in the Vortex Hideout in the very opposite direction:

There are also another entrances to the tunnels. Sunny Beach and Navigation both have entrances. In Sunny Beach, you have to break the barrier, not click a button.

In the settings of the barriers, go to the damage section and toggle the prop damage enabled to yes. You can make the health whatever you want!

By the way, the entrance to the Navigation tunnels are free, so you don’t have to worry about that.


It isn’t finished, right?

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No it’s not finished

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what does that mean?

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WIP means “Work In Progress”. It means the work isn’t finished.

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There’s so many game codes in the pictures…


Great start! Although, umm, lost train of thought. Great start!

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Well, it doesn’t matter now, since the game has been ended already, at least.

This is an awesome guide!

It’s partially dead… Should I put it in “devices”?

I mean it is partially dead, so I don’t think anyone’s seen it in a while so go ahead

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If so I can change the title to “[Unfinished Guide]”