Unfinished Guide (How to make the head of the Iron Giant)

Hey guys! Today I am going to teach thee how to make the head of pop-culture giant, the iron giant!
Step 1: Take a barrier, make it a circle, turn the border off and set transparency 1, and resize roughly as shown. Make sure the color is, R: 74 G:72 B: 69.
Screenshot 2024-04-02 6.27.52 PM
Step 2: Make a second barrier a rectangle turn the border off and set transparency 1, and resize roughly as shown. Make this rectangle slightly lighter than the circle, also, make sure it’s a higher level than the circle.
Step three: The eyes! Im running low on time but this is pretty self explanatory.
Step 4: The jaw! First, take two light colored skinny rectangles and place them as shown.
Then take a big gray rectangle, and make it the same color as the first circle, and place as follows!
Voila! Bonus, make the eyes red when he gets murder mode like in the movie. See ya! Stay fresh!


how about just making a guide on this all at once? but nice anyways


I don’t have a body yet, but it’s coming. In a few weeks.

Jeez, thought this would get more likes…

Likes don’t matter, they don’t mean anything.


They kinda do to me. I get awards for giving likes, but never for getting them. But what do I know? I joined in measly January.

lol badge grinder.

anyways, i only watched the iron giant edits not the movie, but I did watch ready player 1 (he shows up there)

his head ain’t circualer


Eh, I made it more or less accurate to memory. Edit: His head is circular!


here is a reference pic for when you do the body


Thank you kindly.


@Foxy, can you answer the question on the padlet? I wanted a small reference to a doppleganger. Can we take this 2 ur lore padlet.

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This guide needs some love. I think I should work on it this afternoon. Will anyone even use this?

might if you can finish the body

Good! Next, the iron giant of Cuphead! Aka worst Cuphead boss.


your welcome. I liked it

Bump, I need to finish this, really badly.

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Uh… this is really unneeded if it isn’t finished. There are drafts for a reason.

I have no idea how to do those. How bout’ we just let this guide fade into the backround. No more comments please.

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If you wanna finish this real bad,

I can make a wiki for you. Copy and paste this guide over there, and put this in devices for you to mark as a solution.

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Sure. I can make one right now.

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