Unable to move in creative

I’ve refreshed my creative multiple times, and it won’t let me move whatsoever. how do I fix this?

Are you on mobile?

shouldnt this post be in Bugs ?

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What happened? Did you do anything that could have caused it?

glue trap

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No, I’ve just followed the tutorial.

Responding to @wingwave, I’m on laptop

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Maybe re host the world again?

Wouldn’t that be considered the same thing as refreshing?

Yeah, try to reload or rehost.

Ummm kinda but still maybe try?

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Yall, I figured it out. I just noticed the snow I placed was set to “wall” not “floor” I’m sorry xD


please mark a solution :smiley:

Ah, remember to mark a solution then. Lol though I always do that.

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