Ummm why do my sentries have names?

I will just let my picture speak for itself

Don’t worry the code is invalid
Don’t go crazy

It’s probably since you don’t have a name (or you photoshopped it not making it looking like there’s no name).

I do have a feeling you actually photoshopped and moved the name to the sentry (because of the activity feed)). But gimkit should keep this anyway, since it looks cool.

I am using a school chromebook and have no idea how to photoshop
I am telling the truth

The other sentry died as I took the picture

I want to try this now, just how your post says confuses me.

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I tested it, doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s text device?

there is no text device I will prove it to you

Maybe it’s just a glitch…?

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The cod is invalid

Wait, why is the sentry attacking the other sentry?

seperate team sentries

Why does the second picture not have a name?

that is before game started

Wait this could be very useful… VERY useful

let me test something

Awwww… It only works with having the sentry be unnamed

Do all sentries have that or just the alive one.

All of the sentries have it

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It only shows the custom names in the activity feed