My sentries have names?!

So my sentries have NAMES NOW?! Is there any way to remove this?

lots of people have it right now no

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This is a bug. Gimkit will release a patch for it eventually.

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I’m pretty sure that there was a bug similar to this not too long ago Ummm why do my sentries have names?

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Honestly, I’d like this bug to stay if we can rename it and display the name instead of only showing the sentry name when knocked out


I agree. I don’t even think of it as a bug…
Also, I wish that there was like, a red glowing aura or something around sentries, or that the sentry skins were not ones we already had (camoflauge)

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Agreed. We should add more types of sentry skins. What if we made it to where people can change the colour of the aura around the sentries? Awesomee


That would be so helpful. I dont want my sentries and players to get confused…


I do agree partly though. It would be great to have like a toggle switch where we can turn on and off names. I feel like in some cases it would be good but it kinda just messed up my game…

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I agree. Customization is best, as it works for all sorts of games

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