Ummm I need help

so people have been asking abt how to make the score the time for how long someones BEEN ALIVE, but I don’t want the game to end when someone dies I want to make it so that when they press a button it ends. I’m not sure if the other thing is the same or not tho

Connect button to endgame device
When button pressed end game

To make the game end when a button is pressed, just wire it to a game end.

but like how do you set the score to the time

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Look at that post


I’m not really sure if that helps bc they use a knockout manager

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I figured it out!


Property (Don’t worry, no blocks)


Name your property, then make it a number property.
Go to map settings. In the score section, make the score type property. Make the score property the name of the property that you just summoned.
Make the repeater repeat every 1 second, and make it stop when receiving on a channel, and don’t put anything in the channel.
Make the counter update a property, and make that property the same property from before.


Wire the lifecycle to the repeater (Lifecycle event occurs-- start repeater)
Wire the repeater to the counter (Repeater triggers-- increment counter)

Edit: Some stuff I forgot:

Some settings:
Make the counter scope on player.
Make the property scope on player.
And some more wiring:

In a knockout game

Summon another lifecycle which activates when player knocked out.
Wire it to the repeater (When lifecycle event occurs-- stop repeater)

In a tag game

Wire your tag zone to the repeater (When player gets tagged by someone else-- stop repeater)

If your button ends the game ONLY FOR A CERTAIN PERSON

Wire your button to the repeater (When button pressed-- stop repeater)

Ok NOW I’m done and this is the finished product:

For a knockout game

For a tag game:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 3.18.49 PM

For a game-ending button:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 3.19.11 PM

ok I gtg now so I’ll try it later thx

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How to make.

Make a on game start, relay to all players on a team, and a property named SecondsSurvived

Make a trigger that every time it’s triggered, it goes to a counter linked to the property. Use a trigger loop for that. Make it so when player knocked out, deactivate the trigger.

Put the property on the leaderboard so that it tracks it, and you can look at players scores there.

Hopefully this helps!

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k gimme a sec to try it

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wdym by that?
also if u can could you pls post pics

@Txme_Lxss Means summon a lifecycle that triggers on game start, it’s one of its settings to trigger on game start.


My explanation is mostly like @Txme_Lxss , except with more detail.


when I pressed the button it didn’t end the game so how do I add that

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Link the button to a end game device.


oh ok I’m so stupid lol


Nah your good.

I used to absolutely be horrible at GKC. You’ll learn, trust me. (only took me like 2.5 months to be a pretty decent maker at GKC, lol, as long as you are passionate and have the patience to learn, then you will get better.)


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