Um wat (gkc not working)

so whenever i try and load into a gkc map this happens

its not my internet, i checked
ive tried reloadign

Exit the tab and make a new one. Also, YOUR BIO LIES!


  • restarting your computer
  • how much memory did you have in that map?
  • close+reopen tab
  • filler space

Weird. I’m on a map rn.

and i did obviously

  • did
  • like zero percent
  • did
  • did

All I did was refresh when I saw it and it worked again… so… refresh the screen?

I mean, I read your bio. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i said “i highly doubt anyone will read this”
not “no one will read this”
i didnt lie bruh

nvm stuff is working now
idk what happened

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It was a joke. I was joking. Do you know what “humor” is? (Sorry for being a bit rude.)

Hey, the message seems different…

I get the message saying this:

Something went wrong. Error (timeout)

  1. off-topic to this current topic i think
  2. ig you were in the game for too long
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Well, this happens when i just got on to Gimkit.

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