Uh, matrix terrain?

Screenshot 2023-12-13 1.31.57 PM



Just reload, that should fix it.

What was the terrain?

Dry Grass

Dry grass it seems.

Well, the servers are down, so its probably because of that.

yeah, prob

It is the game severs are overloaded with traffic, you can’t host a game and your games if hosted start to crash, so i would save your map and refresh, do not be shocked if you can’t.

Servers are back up.

EDIT: They’re down again.

Just reload the page and see if the problem is still happening.

It probably going to be a while untill the servers are back up.

You should keep it; it looks cool. (ik you probably can’t)

It wont stay like that gimkit is down and maybe they are working on that fix

Welcome to the forum! Gimkit is back up now, so there’s no need to worry.

If the problem is fixed remember to mark a soultion @Vortex-Mist!

uh ok

You know Vortex_Mist has been here forever, they know.


that should be real terrain

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Hey, I’ve had that, too!

(before the server went down)


I was just reminding them incase they forgot.

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