UCN map (UCN= Ultimate Custom Night)

So I’m making an UCN map, I just checked, and someone DID do this, BUT this isn’t going to be published. So I have the Character screen, but I don’t have the characters. I have (some) of the office done, and I have the left hall cam done. I also have a cam system that is in development. Can someone help me with this?


If you want people to help with your map, you can go here and share the code.https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/groups?scrollToTop=1
unfortunately, we can’t share codes here

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what do you need help with?
the cam system?

What do you need help with specifically?

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I can’t use the wix.

imag no wix


maybe the padlet?
password is Gimkit

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First the map, although that is in development, I’m using google to figure that out, and then the systems. So like ventilation, the air ducts, the AIs for the animatronics, and a lot of other stuff.

Can’t. School sucks. I can only use canva.

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Animatronics? Is this a fnaf clone?

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It’s called UCN. Please look it up.

Most likely

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BUT it doesn’t need to be a clone. Also I said it wouldn’t get published.

It is sort of, its the same theme.

Meh. At least it wouldn’t get taken down the second it was published.

Yeah, it might take a while, but the easiest way to prevent copyright is to say inspired by in the game lobby and description.


I can give an outline for some custom systems, but I have my own projects I’m working on. If you still need help once I’m done I can directly help…

Okay. Thanks. :smiley: Funny thing, the only wires that are in there are just there so that I can track down the other parts of the map, to reduce lag.
(That is, I mean to say, that it is not one singular map, there are different parts for each cam.)

If you want to do that easier, just use teleporters, that or waypoints, just make sure collision is off.

What systems do you have no idea where to start with (and what exactly do you want them to do)?