Tycoon gimkit help

I have making a tycoon and have it so you can buy money generators but I need it so you can buy it multiple times and you get double the money generation.

So what do you need help with? Creating the money generator. Make sure your title is descriptive.

I have money generators need it so you can press the button and buy a “second one” which does the same thing right now its a button to a checker to a task repeater to a item granter with a second one to deduct your cash from your inventory to buy it

If someone gives me the link to the WIX, I might be able to show you my tycoon map.
It is called “Idle Business Tycoon.”
Build an invisible vending machine that deactivates on purchase. Set an identical vending machine to activate when you buy the first one.

Hey @DragonFlagon872, the link to the wix is https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing

Thank you, @DarthVader !

Create an account, and then you can go to the first group. It might take a while to get accepted though.