Two things! (button activation and removal of items)

First thing is I need to know how to make a button be activated by only team one. The second things is how do I make it so if someone is in an area their gadgets get removed for a second and then they come back when they leave the area.

make a thing thats like if someboy is on a team they activate a button that is already deactivated

How do you think I could do that

For the first one wire a lifecycle to a relay (team 1) hooked to a button. The button has a scope of team.
Just use an item granter for your second question.

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yeah like if you leave a zone it runs the item granter like -1 and when you enter it it just adds one

then like add whatever

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Yes that works for the second one thank you!

Please mark a solution then!

cant I just put a button, wire it to a wire repeater and have the wire repeter’s allowed team be team one

Idk probably. I haven’t tried that but this is easier I think.

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yes exactly
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uhhh well I finished and I wired it like this

The wire repeater makes it only team one and the trigger waits 2 seconds until it deactivates it Oh wow I took the picture while blinking