Two roles, two spawn points, one team

I’m making a map where there is offensive and defensive, but the offensive team is split up into two groups which spawn at different parts of the map and have different items.

I currently manage this by just having 3 teams internally, but that’s rather problematic since someone on one of the offensive roles can fire their blaster at someone from the other offensive role. Not ideal.

How should I do this?

Use checkpoints and relays

How would that work?

Use a property and block code that checks whenever a person is on offense or defense on that team, have values like

  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Not on Offense

That won’t work in my case.

But why wouldn’t it work in your case?

Sentries are used extensively throughout the map + soft teams defeat the entire purpose of what I want to do

it’s probably possible to some extent, but I don’t think that’s the right direction for this…

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Use properties and checkers. The checkers check if the property is something that codes the first spawn point. If so, it teleports the player there. If not, it teleports the player to the other one. Make the lifecycle trigger a wire repeater that only lets team 1 trigger it. Make the wire repeater trigger the checker.

instead of spawning there, have them teleport there a little bit after they respawn.

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In the end I decided to just get rid of the role system for the sake of simplicity. Doesn’t look very practical to do what I was trying to do. :confused:


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