Two questions... (Extra characters)

I’m making a Blade Ball game. (Ball respawns you if you touch it.)

Question 1. Can I make it so if a player shoots the ball, if the ball shot by the player hits a player, they get a “Knockout”, so, if player 1 shoots the ball, and it hits player 2, player 1 gets a Knockout.

Question 2. I need ideas for my shop. I have a one-round speed upgrade and a save. (save makes it so you don’t respawn when touching the ball.)

You could do a thing where a person gets a short boost…? Idk

Did it…

oh sorry
I apperantly cannot read


I think the best way you can do this is using the ball’s damage setting.

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Theres no damage setting. Plus, I want shop ideas, because I made the knockout system.

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You can’t sense a player touching the ball without inspect… so both are useless

I made two coorinate systems. So, it works.