Two ideas but Collab needed

I have two great ideas (in my opinion). One for Gim Trek (Star Trek) and the other for a merge type game. Could someone give more ideas as well as provide a game slot so i can collab? thanks, kor.

also im not on tmr until much later so i will not be able to reply


If you have the season ticket, merge One Way Out and Don’t Look Down

If you don’t have the season ticket, merge Fishtopia with Farmchain

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Wdym by a merge game?

Sorta like snowy survival where its a combination of multiple games

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Yeah no i like those ideas but i prefer gim trek and merge type game

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I can help! Do you want to collab now, @Kormorant ?

Also wdym by merge type games?


Great ideas! I can help if you needs to @Kormorant !

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I can’t collab anymore tonight but I can tomorrow or the day after

just use this link:

Do you want to collab now, if so, Which one?

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i would like someone to collab with


@Kormorant I can collab I’m free rn

Post the c0de on the padlet link i gave pls

Do you want me to post it or are you going to post it

I have no slots so you pls and make it top down or platformer idc

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chat on your padlet instead
@Kormorant if you don’t need anything else please mark a solution

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