Tutorial for speed like in normal gimkit matches that require speed in order to move! Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 (REMAKE/REMASTERED)

hey guys sorry i need to remake this because the old one i messed it up by accident and couldn’t edit it so let go this is a tutorial for speed so here we go
u will need
speed modifer x2
questioner x1
item granter x1
starting inventory x1
movement meter x1
first grab a kit and an item granter make sure both channel is on move

now wire the item granter and questioner

place one next starting inventory and put energy in the item to grant bar make sure it start at 1000

now make a speed modifer and set channel to frozen and speed to 0

place down a movement meter and set channel to frozen and tracked item to energy make sure it drain by one per tick

place another speed modifer set speed to 1 and set channel to move

wire the speed modifer with the questioner.

now start the game and try it out let me know if it works for you.


here old one to prove it belonged to me and was orginally mine and not copyrighted someone else guide

Nice job!

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