Trying to make rush from doors in roblox

I can’t figure out how to make rush

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You should use barrier art and an animation personally. Honestly, I think this is very brave to be doing Doors® on gimkit creative :slight_smile:

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just try to make screech :smiling_face_with_tear:

WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87 (Watch doors memes, youll get it)

me if I don’t add screech because of how annoying he is

Probably take colored barriers and make it look like rush. But to make it move I have absolutely no clue.

if your feeling lazy and don’t want to make rush, just use a notification, luck based block coding, and a zone that will knock you out

I don’t know how to code.

Same here. Same here.

Don’t worry I’m testing something and if it works i’ll send a screenshot

alright ill be waiting here

I hope this is a good for the randomizer for rush

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