Trying to make a COD style domination gamemode

What they are saying is the post is closing because of the solution, and no one is going to be here at 2 AM bumping the post.

well there are time zones

True. It would be 9AM in Saudi Arabia and nearby countries at my 2AM.

now i know what timezone you live in mwahahahahaha

Really? Which one?

:man_shrugging: idk

should i really say it? @Here_to_help

Yes. I think I have tricked you.


or am i wrong?

What’s ET? That is not what we call it where I live.

or r u central and just said that cuz u wanted to


Oh, you mean EST! That is [REDACTED].


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I knew it!!!

why do i have a notification when there is litterally nothing in my inbox

nothing that is blue at least

That happens sometimes. Now get back on-topic

(I feel like I’m the off-topic police)