Trying to find the missing piece of code?



I cant find the difference, can anyone help?

ah wait the second one is wrong

this is mine:

They look the same to me.

hmm thats weird… could i invite you to my map if you want, i cant figure out why the voting isnt working?

No game codes are allowed on the forums.
Are the properties number properties?


hm, well i cant really figure out how I can fix it.

Codes are not allowed here though, you could post it in the discord or wixsite though.
Wixsite Link:

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Check all your properties in your map and make sure they are number properties. If they are text it won’t work. If you can’t find all your properties, try looking in the layers tab and check all of them. Once you find them, rename and organize them to make debugging easier (click the device name to make it more organized)


i really cant its a hot mess with a bunch of wires, button, relays etc. is there an easier way?

Refer to my previous post above ^


I was referring to the layer technique

Scroll down and you should see the Properties. Click on that and it should lead you to the device settings. Debug all of them and make sure the property type is a Number.
Rename all properties accordingly (click the device name and type in a new name)
and so on

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what do i click on? layers?


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even when i scroll down i see relays, buttons, counters etc.

the map itself isnt any better…

Don’t scroll down too fast.
Try checking for the Properties.
Also, can you show me a screenshot of your devices in your map?

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all i see is wires and stuff no such word or section as properties

anyway ima log off for the night ill just rebuild all the stuff tommorow

So then how did you get the block code earlier if you don’t have any properties?
Okay bye, see you then.