Trying break the character trait into game

In my earliest versions of my game, I have put an sentry named “Detective Greg” he was a pretty cool guy now in latest version he is more stubborn. In the soon be (sequel) I want him to help the player but still keep the trait I am unsure how to break down the trait IN the game. (At the start he is heartless and stubborn in the end of a ending he is still stubborn but isn’t heartless)

Also this could be off-topic but I need help breaking it down in the full game so not really?


For starters, the off-topic flag isn’t in use anymore, so I’d remove that…

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im a bit confused what is the “trait”?

@WolfTechnology Rude and stubborn but I can’t break it down in the game without it sounding like a edgy 6 year old… (also character traits are how the character acts)

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i thought it was something else, but nvm that.

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Well you’re trying to keep the NPC stubborn while helping the player, right?
Maybe some disaster like the detective’s family dying or something made them not care about anyone else, and the player reminds them of their family, slowly making them care again as they interact?

Stubborn is the unwillingness to change, and rudeness it really being blunt most of the time. Make the NPC be direct and to the point, and think old-fashionedly…

I’ll try it but, the hard part is trying to reveal why the character is so rude while breaking down the story.

to keep it stubborn what it be a different sentry or popup respawned when a certain task is completed and have its message be different until the end of the game, that is what makes the most sense.

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During a mission or whatever the player’s goal is, they find a news article about the detective’s family’s death. On the other hand there could be clue’s pointing towards the player’s involvement in whatever the player is investigating, so the detective is mistrustful, but you’re the only one willing to help.

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it could be like Greg doesn’t trust you and kinda acts like he doesn’t need your help because he thinks less of you. maybe something like that.

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That could help uncover why he is kind of stubborn he could have trust issues and the family could be having some conflict going on making it worse?

Middle of divorce and he doesn’t trust anyone? His own kids hate him for being at work alot… That would fit.

That would fit for a stubborn character but now I need a time to make that reveal since he isn’t really a famous detective.

Well maybe the player has to dig through some archive/records at some point, and there’s a notice in there about the divorce. If you then talk to the detective, they grudgingly explain? Could also have a buddy of the detective in a bar tell you if you ask after finding the record.

Mmm, maybe but the player is only like 18, but maybe I can break it down with another detective walking out a records room and forgetting to close the door? Although, it would take lots of storage probably a sequel then?

Yeah, or a side mission to break in. You could also go with the detective to investigate and there’s some side pathway to the records if you sidetrack. The detective would chide you when you came back, and you could take the papers with you to confront/ask them?

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That’s a good idea but now I need an idea of why the player needs to break in or will it just be a option randomly

maybe an enemy or criminal reveals his backstory during a mission, which might let the person get away as you need to comfort Greg over his trauma or some tragic backstory he has.

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That’s also a good idea!

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So far the story of Greg is, He as trust issues because his partner is getting a divorce, and his kids don’t trust him and a friend reveals it when the player tries to take the record for some reason? I can work with that .