Trust Level Requirements

Where can you see what you have to do to rank up a trust level?
I tried finding it but I couldn’t.

I have it bookmarked, one second.

it is blocked
(school computer)

The off-topic tag is not a reason to off-topic post.

I know but I needed to ask this and I don’t need someone telling me this is off-topic

I got it!

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how do I see my progress?

Click on your profile, click “summary”, click on “badges”, and there you go! You can see everything you’ve earned. (Well, I think everything, anyway-)

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No how do I see how much progress I have made in completing the requirements???

Oh. Well, I don’t know if that’s possible, or if it is, where to even begin looking for that. Anybody else have any idea if we can do that?

you just have to keep track yourself ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

ARGH blackslash doesn’t appear on the forums

oh well

It doesn’t? / no wait it does you just have to close the little box that comes up first before it appears on-screen, and then have to press it again after you close the box

You are currently a member in this forum. Contribute more to move up to the regular trust level.

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why’d you change it to devices?

It’s off-topic.
Off-topic posts go in Devices because it’s the category with the least amount of topics and as to not confuse people if it’s in Community Made Guides, Help or Bugs.