Trouble with thumbnail

I need help because my thumbnail wont work it is having trouble and therefor i cant publish my creative map

You need to convert the file to the correct format

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Have you tried reloading?

Sorry, I’m just thinking a bit. I’ll reply in a bit unless someone else figures out this on their own.

Okay, so you’ve downloaded it and you’ve tried reloading and you’ve tried to make it into a jpg and a png. So, what is the thumbnail supposed to look like?

Is it too big or small???

Yes, it is too big?? It could be you need to make it bigger or smaller.

Try to crop it…

Which one do you want to use

Okay, the picture could be a little bit too big. Also, which is going to be your thumbnail?

You shouldn’t do your real name… Good luck with your map though!

Okay, I am not so sure. Give me a minute.

Try to crop the area next to the stone wall that doesn’t have anything in it…

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This is mostly because I have never uploaded a game onto the Discovery Page so I am not so familiar yet.

Yeah, now see if it works

Yes, that is much better!

Also, if things still don’t work while uploading, can you take a screenshot of what it possibly says?

Yes, I work better with pictures :smirk:

Yeah, It might also be because your account isn’t leveled up enough, it need to be level 50 throughout the seasons to be able to publish a map.

That may be it actually.

Yes, are you sure that you are level 50 and have 1,000 Gimbucks?

I haven’t published anything only because I never have enough Gimbucks!!