Trouble with killing system for among us

I followed the guide for the killing system but I’m having errors I only set team 2 to be able to kill and everybody can kill.

Same as almost everyone ever to build a gimkit map with access to forum (I am having trouble as well but I gave up)

So explain how you have it set up and others can help better.

I clearly have the tagging system set to team 2

and also this wire is connected to the team system

so i dont know whats wrong

Make sure the team that is supposed to kill is on team 2. What happens when you try to kill someone?


It kills but I used mutiple accounts I also made a popup for crewmate team 1 and imposter team 2 but it shows the kill button for everybody.

1: Make sure the overlay’s scope setting is set to team.

2: Did you use a relay to activate the overlay? Does it have the correct setting?

3: Make sure the overlay is set to not be active on game start.


I used a relay to activate the pop up that’s seperate than the team system one that has all players on a specific team which is team 2 and a seperate pop up for team 1 i’ll try the scope thing

For the overlay do i do it for both of the overlays?

Yeah, if you haven’t done that you have to make sure to do it as it sets who the overlay will activate for when it is triggered


What are the two overlays?


For the kill button and 15second

Yes, do the scope and active on game start setting for both so only team 2 can see them.