Trigger wont activate a barrier?

this is a straightforward problem. i wanna make it so that when you step on a trigger, it activates a barrier, but when i set everything up, nothing happens. the barrier is inactive, and the trigger’s player collision is on.

Hmm I have had this problem before also. Maybe just use a zone.

yeah thats what i was thinking, although a trigger would most likely work better so ill keep this topic open.

can we see the device settings? (trigger and barrier)

Maybe try sending out a signal using zone instead.

Can we see the trigger settings in configuration?

That’s odd, try using a zone insead.

But, did you even deactivate the trigger at some point in the game?

Yeah triggers won’t work for me either, my best solution is use a zone.

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i think ill just use zones, prolly the best possible solution

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