Trigger thing glitch?

When you add max triggers, it removes the scope.

What do you mean by max triggers?

like maximum amount of times it can be triggered

Oh wait I see. Now what do you mean it removes the scope? If it is triggered by a global message, then the scope won’t matter.

the max trigger scope

oh wait is it because it is already linked to something with a scope?

no even though its not linked it still does the same thing

No wait, I was dumb. That won’t matter. Can you explain the problem more?

so when you add a max trigger amount to the trigger, it removes the max trigger scope from the menu

wait you can mark your own things as solutions?

oop we should probably go in the gimkit events thing now

Yes you can. So, the max trigger thing is probably global scope itself, since it also happens for me. This means that the max trigger scope has to be removed, or else there might be a conflict between the 2 things. Also, what event thing is there?

Actually, never mind. That was also dumb.

nvm i thought you were in the gcc

should this go into bugs?

Probably. You should work around this by using a counter with a target value.

yeah ill just mark your thing as the solution, but again, you can mark your own things as a solution?

Yes, you can.

thats crazy

Bump because it isn’t resolved.