Trigger/Property Update Stuff

So I have 4 triggers. If any of those triggers are triggered it triggers a single different trigger. When one of the 4 triggers are triggered it sets a property, “Input”, as a number (1,2,3, or 4) depending on what trigger was triggered. The thing is, those properties only update on the next trigger which means that the property updates 1 trigger too late. I could probably fix this but does anyone know why this happens?

I don’t know. I’ve had some problems with block code not running fast enough, so it might be something like that. The code needs time to process everything. This is just a random guess though, so don’t take my word for it

Could you give names to the sets of triggers when you describe them? Currently, I don’t have a good understanding of what you built.


oh, i fixed the system but here:
the 4 triggers make kind of a ddr pad. the top one is trigger 1. the right one is trigger 2. the bottom one is trigger 3. the left one is trigger 4. these 4 triggers are triggered by player collision only.

the 5th trigger is off to the side…

i’m still wondering…

Does the trigger that you step on set the property?

ex. trigger 1 sets a property to 1. trigger 2 sets the same property to 2.

So what does “update on the next trigger” mean then? I don’t think that there should be a delay in updating the properties…

I trigger one of the triggers and but the property didn’t update until I triggered another trigger.
ex. trigger 1 is triggered, property doesn’t update. trigger 2 is triggered, property updates as if trigger 1 is triggered.

How do you display what the property is? Does the property itself update your display, or does the trigger update the display?

the property itself.

could you give some screenshots? i dotn rly understand your description

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It might just be a gimkit bug but you lost me on “trigger”

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if the update is the problem, then just update every time a trigger loop triggers. is this the prblm?

I gtg to class be back at next class…

does this help?:
Screenshot 2024-05-28 13.11.42

I would add .05-second delays to your triggers. That has helped me before with this sort of issue.

that’s what i ended up doing. so do you think it’s just stuff updating too fast?

Yeah. Like I updated a property in one trigger, but then another one using that property wouldn’t realize that the property was different until I added a delay.

that’s exactly what’s been happening to me!

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